Our marketing techniques are a collaboration of our passion for stellar visuals and love for high-tech gadgets. Once we set the plan in motion, it’s amazing the buzz our marketing and promotion can create. It’s a combination of pictures, videos, social media outlets, feature sheets, crazy collateral, 3D floor plans, and our website Alistairyoung.com. All of these highly sophisticated parts make up the Young Real Estate Marketing Machine.


    We are one of the first agents in the lower mainland to introduce the use of drones for filming real estate marketing videos. It can provide an amazing and unique perspective to potential buyers and make our videos stand out above the rest.

    Our team of professional photographers and videographers are top notch and consistently pushing the boundaries of Real Estate marketing and promotion. This is where we make your house shine!

    Created for each listing, our feature sheets, aka brochures, aka presentation folders, are customized to reflect the unique features of each home we sell.

    Once our listings go live online, we mobilize our arsenal of social media weaponry. As local leaders in progressive social media marketing, we blast your listing to all our online outlets, simultaneously, creating an exciting viral buzz.

    Our floor plans are custom made by our team of laser measuring computer wizards. 3D floor plans are the best way to show off your home’s layout and dimensions. They give potential buyers a wonderful perspective, plus they look super cool.



    Past sales in your area are the best comparables. But we look deeper than that. We analyze all the competitions marketing strength & weaknesses and we talk to other agents, our past clients and break it all down for you.

    We pride ourselves on being very up to date on market trends and statistics. The Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board is a great resource for information but most of our insider info comes from personal research and activity.

    Pricing is the most important decision when listing your home. The Real Estate game is always changing and evolving. So pricing your home ‘properly’ maximizes activity & exposure and makes sure you are ahead of the curve.


No matter how well you market, stage, and promote a listing, if it’s not priced properly, you won’t be successful. It’s a simple but proven fact. For every listing, we collect data and prepare a comparative market analysis. Using past comparable sales and current market stats we build a pricing strategy that will ultimately get you the most amount of money in the fastest amount of time. We don’t underprice or overprice our listings. We price it sharp and let the marketing machine do it’s thing.

    First thing we need to do is meet in person and see the subject property to make sure we are all on the same page. This step should only take 30-40 minutes and is a great time to get to know each other and the home.

    We will set you straight and help you decide what to paint, move, stage, and/ or toss etc. Don’t worry we can refer you to one of our trade hook-ups if you need to do any staging, painting, or renovations.

    Once your home is show-ready, our well-oiled machine starts with taking pictures, filming videos, and measuring for 3D floorplans. This will take place one week prior to hitting the market. Then we input the data and start building all the marketing material.

    As soon as possible we order our modern sign post to be installed in your front yard and have our custom eye catching ‘For Sale’ sign installed. For condos/apartments that allow, we have smaller ‘For Sale’ signs.

    Once we have all the webpages ready to rock, we press enter and launch the listing on all our media outlets. The listing will be live on Paragon (for realtors only) right away and will take 24-48 hours to hit all the public sites.

    After everything is online and we’ve tested all the links, we send you an email with all the hot links for you to preview. We then ask for your feedback or suggestions to make sure all info and spelling is correct. This is when it gets exciting.

    Our buzz strategy is time specific and cleverly laid out. Within 24 hours, your home should be going viral. This is the perfect opportunity for you to spread the word to your friends and family. The more people who see it online, the better.

    All the traffic and buzz we create during the week is pushed towards the weekend and the first Open House. The more potential buyers we can direct to the open houses the better.

    Depending on timing and current market, we provide potential buyers with all documentation needed to submit offers. After the open house, if successful, we look at offers on the Monday or Tuesday night.


Getting your home SOLD is our top priority but it doesn’t end there. We have built a reputation as a full service team that truly goes above and beyond. The selling process can be intense and lengthy but there are still a few steps we need to help you with now that your house has officially SOLD.

    Congratulations!! We have completed our mission and now it’s time to unwind and take a moment to relax. This was a full team effort and with every successful sale there is always a reason to celebrate. This is another area we excel at ?

    Once the deposit cheque is in the trust account and we can consider this a firm sale, we slap on a couple of ‘Sold’ stickers on all our signs and change all the online media to ‘now sold’.

    With every done deal there needs to be a lawyer or notary involved to transfer the title legally upon completion. We have a long and distinguished list of lawyers and notaries who we can refer you to if you don’t already have your own.

    Now it’s time to start packing and preparing to move. Depending on the agreed upon possession date, we can help make sure you are 100% ready prior to the possession date.

    Once you are out and moved on, we will be there to do the final walk-through and collect all the keys from you. We will then facilitate a key hand-off to the new buyers and make sure everyone is happy.

    That’s it!! We did it. We have successfully helped you sell your home and made the process/experience something to remember. The Young Real Estate are huggers. So you’ve been warned. Let’s hug it out or high five if you prefer.